Welcome To Rhino Performers 

Rhino Performers is a non-profit making organization and a group of talented youths with an objective of achieving education and a better future through the use of their talents in performing arts. It intends to resolve conflict among the youth through organizing music, dance and drama as our strategy to bring them together on board to use their God given talents to sensitize and build peace through out Uganda and world at large.
As we continue to embrace Uganda’s cultural diversity in both our composition and performances, we can only identify ourselves with this great object that was adopted as Rhino Performers. The troupe performs on wedding receptions, cocktails & Dinners, Launches, celebrations, and any other such events that require a cultural touch. We thank our clients for supporting us, we are what we are because of your support. Thank you so much all our client.

To become a center for Uganda`s finest quality of traditional folk entertainment.
Embracing Uganda`s rich traditional folk cultural diversity.


  • Identification of young talented folk musicians especially orphans whose parents have succumbed to the deadly scourge of AIDS and war in northern Uganda and help them restore self confidence;
  • Educate and develop the talents of the members so as to enhance their ability to acquiring the required basic needs of life;
  • Preserve and promote Uganda’s rich and diversified cultural music and dances;
  • Show the importance and value of African folk music and dances, customs and musical instruments and their contribution to the international folk lore industry.
  • Provision of a cultural and relaxed environment to both local and international communities at parties, Cocktails, Opening and launching ceremonies, and all other functions as and when called upon;
  • Facilitate the generation and dissemination of knowledge and technologies that meet the needs of the poor and marginalised communities;
  • Facilitate drawing the attention of communities to important issues and influencing solutions on behalf of the Governments, donors, policy makers, community leaders and others; and
  • Generate and mobilise funds to support the vulnerable communities especially orphans and children displaced through wars and loss of parents due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases through providing shelter, food, health, care, formal and informal education, vocational skills and set income generating projects to enhance their livelihoods.


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