After the premier of one’s Last second, Amy was criticised given that too naughty for a household programme such as Doc Just who

After the premier of one’s Last second, Amy was criticised given that too naughty for a household programme such as Doc Just who

Towards the end regarding the lady go out with the Doc, she grabbed so you’re able to dressed in reading glasses. (TV: The new Angels Bring New york)

What is actually Amy’s elizabeth? [ ]

Adopting the the woman marriage from the Big-bang, Amy’s actual history identity is actually a question of speculation. Through the most of show 6, a family doctor went on to call this lady “Pond”, making unlock the chance that she didn’t necessarily bring Rory’s last name. His lone accessibility “Amy Williams” regarding God Cutting-edge – simultaneously when he try attempting to make the lady select their lives as a result of a more “real” lens – recommended, however, did not prove, one she actually was “Amy Williams”. Furthermore, the doctor had brought to talking about Rory because “Rory Pool”, definition the new went on use of “Pond” in regard to Amy might have been erroneous and additionally, plus one or more instance on Girl Who Waited, offered her very own identity as the Amy Pond. But not, conjecture finished that have Asylum of your Daleks, where she was definitively shown finalizing the lady judge title so you’re able to a beneficial divorce document given that “Williams”. Throughout the Angels Bring New york, she uses Amelia Williams on afterword away from the lady daughter’s investigator book, some other book she penned in advance of this lady dying, together with gravestone she offers which have Rory.

Starred because of the a couple actors [ ]

Amy ‘s the earliest spouse inside the Doctor Exactly who records having one or two concurrent continual portrayers, namely Karen Gillan and Caitlin Blackwood. Both, despite being earliest cousins, got never ever found prior to the see-as a consequence of and you can filming towards the Last minute. Even when Blackwood and Gillan is really comparable, they have different vision tints: Gillan features brownish attention, while Blackwood’s is bluish.

When you find yourself multiple friends have been depicted by the one or more teenager actors from inside the flashbacks and you can visits to help you earlier affairs inside their timelines, Amy is the just mate whoever role are began from the the woman juvenile star and you may next taken over by the her typical adult actor, or who had been enjoy to search to the Doc because the an effective guy, otherwise whom closed-out of the role. (TV: The Very last minute, The brand new Angels Just take Manhattan)

Controversies [ ]

Piers Wenger, a series 5 exec music producer, told you, “The complete kissogram matter played on the Steven’s fascination with brand new mate as feisty and you may blunt and you can just a bit of a number. Amy is among the wildest spouse that Doc has actually travelled with, but she is not promiscuous. This woman is extremely a-two-man woman which will feel clear over the course of the fresh attacks.” [1]

Before this year, Amy’s yellow tresses was applied so you can defuse the fresh thus-titled “Ginger conflict” one to erupted in early due to misinterpretation regarding a statement generated because of the Eleventh Dme’s history of due to their yellow-went stars, new BBC detailed one to Amy are next consecutive fundamental Television companion for yellow locks. [2]

Brand new Smart Publication 2012 [ ]

  • Amy and you may Rory’s other unchronicled vacation attractions provided fulfilling William Shakespeare into the 1605, having a picnic on the bee-infested Gardens out of Zul-Thep in the 3104, and you can experiencing Wyatt Earp and you will an effective cactus for the an excursion related to acid-spitting house squids on the Drago14.

P.S. [ ]

P.S., good terminated Digital video disc more, gave specific additional details about how it happened to Amy after the situations of your own Angels Simply take New york. The actual fact that the scene was released from the BBC, not, it can’t be studied just like the fundamentally good, more than just about any other removed or partial scene.

With respect to the scene, Amy and you can Rory showed up circa 1938, about 50 ages before its births. They compensated in the Nyc and you will purchased property which have an effective quick grass and that Rory expanded since the garden. Watching the fresh new meeting of the time, she followed this lady husband’s surname, Williams. It implemented a baby man for the 1946, exactly who they entitled Anthony Brian Williams, and you can informed of its excursion compliment of some time place.


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