Rhino Performers Association is Africa’s leading youth-based arts education program that explores the transformational power of music and dance, capturing the messages of hope and resilience that emanate from memorable cross-cultural stage productions and youth outreach.

Rhino Performers Association strives to inspire, empower and connect young people and communities globally, while raising support to provide quality education for children living in impoverished communities and improving the quality of life for their families.

Rhino Performers Association brings stories, songs and dances to main-stages and schools worldwide. When the young touring ensemble visits schools, festivals, cultural centers and community gatherings, memorable opportunities are created for children and adults from different countries and backgrounds to find common space. Through vibrant performances, panel discussions and hand-on engagements, participants learn about the role music plays in creating awareness of many important issues such as global poverty, peace, educations, justice, environmental protection, empowerment and self-esteem building.

Rhino Performers Association not only nurtures children and empowers them, helping them to heal the pain conferred by poverty and disenfranchisement, but encourages them to express themselves loudly, powerfully and in communion with others. The touring cast members have come from the worst environments imaginable to turn negative stories into positive ones, showcasing a resilience born out of the sounds that enhance creativity, persistence and change.

Rhino Performers Association inspires audiences to explore their own feelings and seek healthy, creative modes of expression for releasing them. Audiences who experience the power of Rhino Performers Association performances are gripped by the emotional impact of candid storytelling and inspired to support the arts and education! Across the globe, young people are motivated to learn and open to new experiences – Rhino Performers Association uses music, art and life skills to emphasize this commonality and to allow it to blossom.


Rhino Performers Association was founded in 2017 by Ugandan musician, Educator – (Maxwell Odyek) who was once a victim of war in Northern Uganda. Growing up in an impoverished community with few resources, Maxwell’s story is exceptional. Although he has traveled the world widely, performing music in all corners of the globe, his connection with other people around the globe is unwavering. 

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Bkerere rd, Lumuli Village, Misindye Ward, Goma Sub-County, Mukono Municipality, Mukono District, P.O BOX 150137 Mukono Uganda

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