About Rhino Performers

Rhino Performers was founded in 2016 and after 6 years was fully incorporated on 05 November 2021. Rhino Performers was founded by Maxwell Odyek & Walter Oleng who were professional instrumentalists working with Crane Performers.The drive to put up a performing troupe was hatched between these two people as they were closely sharing their respective backgrounds in one of the evenings as they were preparing for their dance entertainment one evening – In their discussion, they both discovered that they had managed to acquire their secondary education through Music, Dance and Drama hence the conclusion to start a dance troupe that would help restore self confidence of the poor and orphans whose parents’ lives have been claimed by the deadly scourge of AIDS and the war which was in northern Uganda.

Maxwell was further inspired by his father, Silvano Odich who toiled so much for the development of the African cultural performing Arts. After the resign of his father as a pastor, he found it vital to continue with the good works that his father had started of identifying, developing and exposing the young talented folk musicians especially the needy children. Though he resigned as a pastor, he is greatly remembered in great churches like ngicunyi church Apac, Atigolwok PAG APAC, etc. for a great and unique talent he had in the field of Music, Dance & Drama. Daddy, I will forever live to treasure you & the works of your hands, may God bless you.

The success in forming the troupe was backed by the excellent ability to organise and set up a well organised group of talented, disciplined and energetic youths and adults. Since its formation, the troupe has only been able to exist due to its strongly rooted foundation on a God-fearing group of people.

Although the Troupe embraces a humanitarian and development objective towards improving the lives of the poor but highly talented, disciplined, and energetic youths, orphans and children from poor and helpless families, all efforts to have the troupe registered as an NGO seemed cumbersome and, in the meantime, the directorship has thought to have a temporary solution. As a result, the troupe was registered under the registrar of companies as a company limited by guarantee and was successfully incorporated on 5 November 2021.

Office Location:   

Bkerere rd, Lumuli Village, Misindye Ward, Goma Sub-County, Mukono Municipality, Mukono District, P.O BOX 150137 Mukono Uganda

Telephone Contact:
Admin: +256708842388
Director: +256760556075

Email: info@rhinoperformers.org