Current Activities and Source of Funding

Current Activities

The troupe is composed of students from Primary 3 to university level, trained teachers, and other members in different professionals. As a result, we have currently concentrated on those activities that give our students ample time to obtain the required education. We embark on short dram productions as well as providing cultural entertainment at various functions such as introduction & wedding ceremonies, giveaways, corporate dinners & cocktails, anniversaries, university convocations/graduation ceremonies, among others.

Apart from musical performances, we have tailoring project which helping in giving life skills to school dropout youth both boys and girls.

Source of funding

The troupe emerged as a dream by its directors, who had managed to acquire education through their talents, to extend the same idea into the minds of other equally talented youths. We have continuously encouraged each other and the community, to utilising our natural talents to acquire a livelihood other than sitting back and waiting for help.

Therefore, unlike most of the troupes and cultural organisations in the country, Rhino Performers Association has greatly survived on the small savings from our performances. Whenever this is not possible, the directors have sacrificed part of their salaries from their jobs to ensure that the troupe goes ahead.

Much as we believe that we can survive by putting our talents to the most optimal use, we agree that with external funding, our lives would be better and our goals and objectives would become realities within record time.